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puera rich rose
Royal Felee
Puera Rich Rose.

The Fast Action 100% Natural Breast Firming & Lifting Cream.

This product is unique and far more effective than any other breast firming and cream in the market because other products are made up of cancer causing chemicals like hydroquinone and carnigen but this Puera Rich is ONLY made up of 100% natural essential oils that rejuvante and restore elasticity to sagging boobs.

If you don’t want to have breast cancer from using harmful breast lifting creams, then this Puera Rich Rose is your best bet.

Now Let Me Briefly Tell You What The Puera Rich Rose Firming & Lifting Cream.
  • Puera Rich Rose Cream contains Carrot oil which has powerful anti aging formula called Carotone. Once massaged to your breast, it will reduce the aging process and your breast will begin to regain its youthful look and perkiness.
  • It contains moisturizing Vitamin C and and protective vitamin E that help firm and bring new life to the breast. When massaged morning and night into the breast, it will help to tone and lift the breast up.
  • Puera Rich Rose Cream contains Virgin Olive oil that resurects dead skin cells around the breasts. This oil will eliminate that “old woman look’ and drooping in the breasts. The nipples will begin to point up instead of downwards in as fast 7 days of application.
  • 100% natural essential oils no chemical additive. Safe for breastfeeding moms.
To prove that this is not just ordinary talk this is what Nigerian women say about the Royal Felee Puera Rich Rose Cream.
My saggy boobs almost ruined my marriage but Puera Rich Rose cream saved me. My breast used to be as flat as plywood but after massaging this cream, morning and night, my breast has taken a new look. Now I am confident and my husband now has a fresh interest in me.
Mrs. Banke WilliamsIsolo, Lagos
I’m a 58 year old mother of 8 children who are all grown. Due to age and the stress of breastfeeding 8 children my breasts were nothing to write home about. They looked old, saggy and dry but after using this cream as recommended by friend who is a doctor. My breast has changed. They now look like how they were 30 years ago. Try it, it works
Mrs. Florence ChukwuAbuja
Now, if this product worked for these people, it's definitely going to work for you if you just consistently massage your breast with it.
Now How Can You Get This Cream?
This cream cost ₦35,000 to buy just one from the U.S.A and you will have to wait for 2 weeks before it arrives in Nigeria before you go and fill forms and pick it up at the agents office.

But here is the best part, WE HAVE MADE IT EASY FOR YOU so you won't have to pay anything close to that amount.

Here is why....

We have been able to talk to the suppliers and get it in at wholesale price so that serious women who want to change the condition of their breasts can get it.

But before i tell what you will pay for it, Let me tell you the benefits you stand to get if you order TODAY.


Massage Breast Lifting Oil (₦3,500 Value)

This oil will help you see results even faster. This oil can be mixed with your body cream for fast action and results.


Free Shipping To Anywhere You Are (₦3,000 Value)

We will ship the product to you as fast as humanly possible for FREE only if you order today. You won't be paying the shipping fees.

A lot of other comapnies reduce the price of their products and then charge you with expensive delivery fees.

With us, when you buy anything, especially today being promo. You enjoy FREE SHIPPING even if you are buying just 1 piece.

For Today Only, you can get Puera Rich Rose Firming Cream including all the bonuses for ₦12,500.

puera rich rose
I can assure you that you will start seeing results in as fast as 7 days and 3 months of consistent usage your breast will have a whole new look, no more sagging and drooping but if for some reason you do not see results or you are not satisfied we are willing to give you back a refund 100% guaranteed no arguments, no stories.
But This Promo will Not Last Forever….
We are running this promo because we just have 100 pieces of this products remain and we want to just give it out to loyal customers. Once we sell out, we are ordering for a new set and which will not be sold at this promo price.

We have over 6,000 women reading this and orders will skyrocket. We work with first come, first served basis so hurry and PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW…
2-in-1 Saggy Breast Solution
(Puera Breast Firming Cream + Essential Massage Breast Lifting Oil)
If you are suffering from saggy breasts and you don’t take this offer you risk having cancer if you eventually buy cheap products sold in the market that are full of cancer causing chemicals...I’m sure you don’t want cancer.

Don’t wait until your husband starts pressing another womans big breast because yours is sagging.

If you are wearing push up bras to hide the saggy breast, what of when you eventually remove?

Imagine the disappointment in your man's face when he sees that your boobs are saggy already even when you are not old. You risk losing him for life because he will think you deceived him.

Why not take advantage of this offer and get rid of saggy boobs once and for all. The ball is in your court, I’m sure you are smart enough to make the right decision.
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